Addicted to Murder

D: Kevin Lindenmuth

"Addicted to Murder" is a good example what someone can do with nearly no money. It is the first Underground Film who had such success that it found his way in "BLockbuster"". And  a remake is also planed. the story is about joel winter a serial killer who has a relationship with a vampire called Rachel who allows him to kill her everytime and so to satisfy his lust for killing. After she leaves him joel finds a new vampire girlfirend with Angie who uses him more as her plaything, till joel also isnt quite human.. The crossing between serial killer and vampire film is quite unique and makes the film so interesting. The Film is obviously much inspired from the masterpiece "Maniac" and has also a quite dark atmosphere especially with the vampire theme. Lindenmuth delivers for the money he had very good work, optically the film has also something to offer, so its not just simply filmed. the actors also make a good job especially sasha graham as "angie" the vampire femme fatale. Two sequels followed. but unfortunately none of them has the originiality nor atmosphere like the first film. But this is an independent film that is surely worth to check out and the theme is unique not just for the independent field.


Addicted to Murder (1995) D: Kevin Lindenmuth . Writing Credits: Kevin Lindenmuth, Tom Piccirili

Cast: Mick McCleery, Laura McLaughhlin,Sasha Graham, Bernadete Pauley, Candice Meade