D: Lucio Fulci

Aenigma is a rather lame film what fulci offers here. The story about a person who´s in coma reminds a bit of "Patrick vive ancora", but it isn´t half as good as Mario Landis excellent films. it starts with a young woman called kathy who due a joke she gets involved in a car accident and is since then in coma. Nearly dead ,she posseses a woman, and with supernatural forces she takes revenge on the people who were responsible for this fatal joke they did with her. fulci has also here a little cameo and this is one of the few interesting moments here. the film isnt bloody nor gory but wants to disgust with a ridiculous snail scene where a woman is totallly covered with the slimy snails. to me rather ridiculous but quite inventfull, whoever had this ideja..The victims here of course are all dumb as shit and you dont give a damn what happens with any character. This is a disapointing film. not really bad but i expected more. Technically fulci delivers solid work, and this film could be also from early 80´s.  Aenigma made in 1987 is still big budget compared with Fulci´s "Ghosts of Sodom" who was made one year later.

Aenigma (1987) D: Lucio Fulci . Writing Credits: Lucio Fulci, Giorgio Mariuzzo
Cast: Riccardo Acerbi, Sophie D´Aulan, Suzi Kendall, Jared Martin