D: Nacho Cerda

With "Aftermath" Cerda created the ultimate party film for the whole family!  But seriously it is more the opposite of it, i think 90% of the human population couldnt watch this short film to the end. In contrary with the raw, cheap Van Bebber style the film comes in a quite "glossy", luxus style, so you see they spent more than a few bucks for it, and that is quite unusual for such a type of film. The film is about a necrophile pathologist who does however his job, opening corpses, etc. he seems to like a female corpse and starts to butcher her just to .. the corpse and making photos of it, when finished he makes the bloody mess clean, takes some meat from the corpse home to feed his dog, and watches tv as if it is a LOVEly day like every other, that is the whole film. the corpses look very realistic and also the explicit autopsy scenes, the people who made the fx here, really knew how to make a professional job. cerda probably wanted to make a film that goes more into "arty" section pointing with good production values and cinematography, and supplied with classic music . His attempt failed, if you let the nice style of the film out, you have nothing more than a film in the "guinea pig" vein  like the "severed samurai" or "mermaind in a manhole",   films just made for  goreīs sake and nothing else, and "aftermath" is the same. As a simple "shocker" it works but to me it is simply to brain and pointless to like the film. In the Underground "aftermath" was quite a hype, but cerdaīs followup "Genesis" didnīt get nearly any attention. a question of money ?


Cast and Credit:

Aftermath (1993) Director :Nacho Cerda

Cast: Xevi Collellmir, Jordi Tarrida, Angel Tarris, Pep Tosar