D: Joe DŽAmato

What the hell is with DŽamato? This is a surprising good film! and miles away from shitbombs like "Antropophagus 2" (where Belle also stars) or "Buio Omega" and the story is also not bad: Al Cliver plays a kind of soldier who   returns from the zulu war with Laura Gemser, who is his slave as a thanks for the saved life of the king. Lili Carati, the wife of Cliver, has a lesbian relationship with his secretary Annie Belle. But Lili soon gets bored with her and so Gemser starts to be her new "plaything"...Annie Belle is quite good in this film,(Annie Belle and Al Cliver a couple in real life) especially when she shows her... Things go out of control in the film when Cliver wants to shoot a kind of "erotic" film,(due money trouble) starring the three. They decide they want only appear masked in the film, but  when Belle lies captured, Carati takes her mask, and they start to film.Gemser who was "raped"(by a riffle) wants to make the similar to belle, and lets the gardener rape belle while Cliver films it...  As is asid this is a surprising good , twisted erotic film from dŽamato, and it makes the impression that film was not so fast filmed like the usual dŽamato stuff. A must for fans of beaver footage.


LŽAlcova  (1984)

D: Joe DŽamato . Writing Credit: Ugo Moretti

Cast: Lili Carati, Annie Belle, Al CLiver, Roberto Caruso, Laura Gemser