Beatrice Cenci

D:Lucio Fulci

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"Beatrice Cenci" along with "Donīt torture a Duckling" wonīt probably win the hearts of church supporters due the obvious anti catholic tone. Made in 1969 , the pre-gore-ean period, it is  technically one of Fulcis best films, very good cinematography and a quite high budget. In fact "Beatrice Cenci" shows really lucioīs full potential and that he also could have gained fame not "just" as the godfather of gore. the title is the name of the lead actress(played by Adrienne Larussa) a young woman who is a quite religious person and wants to go in a convent. Her father is a real scumbag who helds her prisoned. In one scene he set her free and invites her to  a feast. he doesnīt tell her for what the celebration is, (to celebrate the death of his two sons). Beatrice knows that and comes in a black dress, and due this surprise for his father she "ruins" the party, due the anger he abuses her. Seeking then revenge she hires a man (tomas milian) to kill him, but in the final moment he canīt do it and so she does it herself. Condemned to death due murder, the film ends showing beatriceīs grave and a monologue about the money the church earned due this death (if every member of the cenci is dead it belongs to the church).Altough the film is not really violent it shows allready that fulci is not really against sadistic scenes, like the torture scene with tomas milian (who found also his way in "Duckling") or when the father abuses beatrice( the scene when beatrice lies on the floor and the father looks at her, his sweat from the face, drops on her body). beatrice cenci is a good example what fulci can really do if thereīs money in the game.


Cast and Credit:

Beatrice Cenci (1969) D: Lucio Fulci . Writing Credits: Lucio Fulci, Roberto Gianviti

Cast: Calogero Micciche, Tomas Milian, Stefano Opedisano, Raymond Pellegrin, Adrienne Larussa