Blue Eyes of the broken Doll

D: Carlos Aured

This is a rather lame spanish giallo starring Paul Naschy as an ex criminal who finds a job at a house where three sisters are living. Naschy plays the "hearbtreaker" and seduces two of them (one of them a quite sexy chick who also likes to show her goodies) but soon she hasnt interest in him, so the other woman has him for herself (real love in this case), but shit happens when murders happen.. and eyes are removed. Of course the end where the question about the killer is solved is a surprise. Aured seems nothing to have against  blood (and titts) and shows sometimes these two "elements" in the film. Yes theres´s even a little bit gore here (Not like Klimovsky who wanted to make children´s movies with his shitbagflick with naschy "Vengeance of the Zombies",) So altough this is arather lame film aured is surely better than klimovsky. There´s even a gross scene where a real pig gets slaughtered, quite unnecessary and actually doesnt fit at all in. Naschy dies here through the "helping hand" of the police, they shoot so often on him as if they want to make a swiss cheese and in the background are easy listening tunes to hear who dont fit in to the scene, and also during other scenes. Anyway aured or whoever seemed to like this tunes. only recommended if you have absolutely nothing better to do.

Los Ojos azules de la muñeca rota   (1973) D: Carlos Aured  Writing Credit: Paul Naschy

Cast: Paul Naschy,Diana Lorys,Eva León, Maria Perschy