Blue Movie

D: Alberto Cavallone 

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This no budget production is a rather bizarre art film with exploitative elements than the exploitation film you would usually expect. Released from the milano label from  their many categories under "Sex and Violence" i dont think this film fits to this category. The film starts with a blonde woman escaping from a masked man who tried to rape her. Then she finds herself to a photographer, who shows sado masochistic tendencies, another woman under his "trap" played by Dirce Funari ( known from DŽamato films like "Erotic Nights of the living Dead" and a terrific scene in another film from him, but better i dont describe this scene here nearer.. )Funari has here without doubt the most extraordinary role, in one scene she has  to urinate in a pot and then to pour then the urine in a fanta tin but not enough in another scene she has to ... on a provisional toilet.. takes then the excrements with her  hands and puts then the excrements  in  a package of cigarettes, in another scene she smears the excrements on her whole body. After that the photographer gives her something to eat, (Anyway i wouldnt recommend to eat something during the movie). During a lot of scenes are  short insert of footage of holocaust victims edited in, and the soundtrack (if there is one, the starting credits are without music) consists here of classical music.the film is made quite cheap, nearly no budget, most time are just two persons to see (the photographer and the blonde woman)and most  time it plays in the flat of the photographer. Lot of dialogues here,but due the italian version there wasnt much to understand, anyway as a mix of art and exploitation this film seems to suceed.


Cast and Credits:

Blue Movie (1978) director: Alberto Cavallone, Writing Credits: Alberto Cavallone

Cast: Danielle Dugas, Claudio Maran. Joseph Dickson, Leda Simonetti, Dirce Funari, Giovanni Brusadori