Body Count

D: Ruggero Deodato

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I wonder why some people dont like this film, i surely like it more than shitty slashers like the scream sequels and co. Claudio Simonettis music is excellent. and the film has a very good cast with  David Hess, Mimsy Farmer and Ivan Rassimov (in a quite small role as the local sheriff),  these actors and the excellent music and you have a slasher film that is surely better than most of the typicall slasher shitbags, but technically there´s also nothing to complain, decent standard direction from deodato and even a little budget has been spent here .its not a "masterpiece" but it entertains well . however the story is nothing new ,a bunch of young people (among them hot nancy brilli) drive to a camping place somewhere in the woods and soon a murderer crosses their ways.. as usual the crowd here is not that intelligent. the killer likes also here to wear cheap plastic masks.   beside simonettis music there´s also typical 80´s pop music here that might be today a bit tasteless and dated for some people(great!). The film is for ruggero´s standards quite unbloody  just one really explicit scene where a woman gets an axe in her head. the end who the killer is, is rather a surprise especially when the question is solved,(two killers), but also David Hess is here not innocent when he kills his own wife.


Camping del Terrore (1986) D:  Ruggero Deodato. Writing Credits: Alessandro Capone, Luca D´Alisera

Cast: Bruce Penhall, Mimsy Farmer, David Hess, Luisa Maneri, Nancy Brilli, Ivan Rassimov