Caligula - The Untold Story

D: Joe DŽAmato


DŽamatoŽs "Sequel" to tintoŽs succesfull film , allthough for a "historical" film it has obviously a limited budget, itŽs still for DŽamato standards a kind of big budget film! well, you donŽt see in every dŽamato film people with such costumes, (it was produced by his own production company filmirage) anyway, the story about caligula is nothing else than an excuse to show a typical italian (s)exploiter but that doesnt mean this time it is a good film. dŽamato knows how to show caligula as the emperor, the decadent, the bisexual caligula. (wow, what a man!) but is that really interesting?  what somehow interesting is the role of michele soavi here, in the start of the film he tries to murder caligula but his attempt fails, so caligula cuts his tongue off (quite explicit this scene).  another scene when caligula has a feast, (actually a mass orgy, but this is what caligula understands as feast!) and in the same time two men fight with each other  till somebody dies. some eat and get some blood splashes on the face and eat more, other play with the women and eat and vomit and eat, yes, this was caligulaŽs time.. Laura Gemser stars also here  in her "dŽamato tradition" with not much textiles. At the end caligula gets an arrow in his chest and then the film immediately ends .What to say about it?



Cast and Credit:

Caligola: La Storia mai raccontata (1981) D: Joe DŽAmato . Writing Credits: Joe DŽAmato

Cast: David Brandon, Laura Gemser, OLiver FInch, Charles Borromel, Fabiola Toledo