Cut and Run

D: Ruggero Deodato

Again a quite solid film what ruggero delivers here, my Fave beside his "Body Count" and "Dial:Help". this is a jungle actioner with some ultra gory scenes, especially a scene that you dont see every day where a man falls in a trap, and gets ripped in two pieces. terrific done (yes, also in this film Ruggero is friend with the violence..) Michael Berryman stars one of the jungle people who is just there for killing and being quite psycho. Other wonderfull scenes are when heads get cutt off, very nice. The budget is surprising high, this is surely for the usual standards not a low budget film so it surprises that the producers allowed to make such an ulta violent film. Also here Claudio simonetti delivers the music, not great as in "Body Count" but fits quite good to the film. The film has been released often in butchered version, a pity these messy scenes shouldn´t be missed and they are the highlight of the film. Cut and Run is surely a quite decent exploiation film that should be seen.


Cast and Credit:

Inferno in diretta  (1985)
D: Ruggero Deodato . Writing Credit: Cesare Frugoni

Cast: Lisa Blount, Leonard Mann, Willie Aames, Richard Lynch, MIchael Berryman