Devil Hunter

D: Jess Franco

This film is actually a real shitbomb (it stinks to heaven and kills the angels there..)Ultra shaby and lousy made, with stupid screenplay (franco and screenplay?) and ridicoulous "FX".  But it doesnt mean its not entertaining! No, it has some quite entertaining scenes..hell where to start?! First of all, in the leadrole theres Ursulla Buchfellner (also called Uschi) a blonde, germanic playmate from the late 70īs who like in the playboy mag ( in my opinion, nothing else than political correct wank paper, the articles in it, is just an excuse....and hell, all they say: it was important for me that it doesnt look sleazy ..ooohh i am soo tired of this shit)shows what she has. There are more moments ursulla showing her nude body than dressed. (this is a franco film, what do you expect) , closeups of uschis "private region" (well, not so private after playboy) , and sometimes also a ridiculous pseudo cannibal with huge eyes appears here. simply incredible! Not enough: Al Cliver is also somewhere and plays the hero! (werner pochath stars also here known from Ferdinando Baldiīs sexploiter "Terror Express") The film starts with uschi taking a bath in a bathtub, while some people simply come in and kidnapp her. They take her to a jungle and want money for her. (in the meanwhile to make the waiting time nicer and shorter they rape here also). Cliver is also somewhere in the jungle, but he hasnt the money they want from him (he says "usually i dont cary so much money with me"), but of course he wants to rescue her.. nobody first knows that somewhere is also cannibal who is always searching for some woman as a kind of sacrifice for a god. The end is a bomb where Al Cliver fights against the cannibal who is completely nude, Cliver kills him and then carries uschi, who is also completely nude, on his shoulder (her ass beside his face)..not bad..not bad. This film must be seen to believe it! an ultra trash bomb! Franco did also in the same year (1980) another cannibal film (though Devil Hunter is not really a cannibal movie) with Cliver "Mondo Cannibale 3" this film has also its moments, but isnt so extremely trashy like this film. In germany "Devil Hunter" has the exploitative title: "Jungfrau unter Kannibalen" which translated means: "Virgin among the Cannibals". If you compare this film with Francoīs REALLY good"Virgin among the living dead" you are wondering if this is the same director. there are worlds between these movies! "Virgin among the living dead" has an excellent cinematography, good music from Bruno Nicolai, a surreal, sensitive story as if this is a film from Rollin! the strange thing is: Rollinīs "Zombie Lake" is such a shitbag, that you think Franco directed it! its a strange world..


Il Cacciatore di uomini,  (1980)

D: Jess Franco. Writing Credits: Julian Esteban, JessFranco

Cast: Al Cliver, Ursulla(Uschi) Buchfellner, Gisela Hahn, Werner Pochath, Burt Altman