Eyeball (aka Wide Eyed in the Dark)

D: Umberto Lenzi

This is a quite stupid and boring giallo what Lenzi offers here. The film credits start in a childish ghosttrain (how inventfull) where later a murder happens. Music is from by Bruno Nicolai, but not even his music can satisfy here, it is compared with his standards very bad and that is indeed unusual. The  story is about a tourist group traveling with a bus through barcelona, till an unknow person with a red glove kills a young woman. The other people find the corpse of the woman with a missing eye, another person after that dies in a ghost train (how spooky!) and so on. All murders are quite ridiculous made, one scene at a pool where a woman simply stares scared the whole time on the killer and does nothing to escape, that simply looks stupid and totally unrealistic. The killings itself arenīt very explicit, except one scene where a woman getīs her throat slashed. Not to fool totally the audience who went in the cinema, lenzi shows mercy and some women have "green light" to show some skin. Between these moments  is uninteresting bla bla (that was probably the time for buying popcorn in the cinema or shitting). The end of course a surprise where actually the lead actress is the killer and that is incredible what she does: she takes her eye out and replaces it with the eye she takes from her victim and that in just a minute or so as if she wants to break a new world record in this "category". A dissapointing film


Cast and Credit:

Gatti Rossi in un laborinto di vetro (1975) D: Umberto Lenzi . Writing Credits: Umberto Lenzi, Felix Tusell

Cast: John Richardson, Martine Brochard, Ines Pellegrini, Andres Mejuto, Mirta Miller, Daniele Vargas