Femina Ridens

D: Piero Schivazappa

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Dagmar Lassander is tortured by Phillipe Leroy in "Femina Ridens"

This is a masterpiece from Piero Schivazappa. It could be also described as the war of sexes. Dagmar Lassander (House by the Cemetery, Forbidden Photos of a lady above suspicion) stars here in the leadrole as a reporter who goes undercover to research for a wannabe serial killer-sadist. She plays the harmless secretary and is invited by a man (Philipe Leroy) to visit her, it doesnt last long till he kidnapps her and and keeps her as a slave. He tells her that he has also other women kidnapped and finally killed this way. but lassander wants to help him and show him that also he can love somebody like every other person. the man agreeīs and indeed dagmar and the man come closer and start to be after a while a real lovin couple, till it comes to a surprising end when lassander reveals her true identity in this game.. The film has very good production values, looks very stylish, (begining from the nice credits) and has excellent music and the whole late 60īs /early 70īs feel of the film is great! one of the highlights of the film when Dagmar in a transparent top is dancing to some easy listening tunes. Phillipe Leroy makes a good job as the sympathic sadist, the story is quite inventfull and unusual and thereīs really nothing you can complain. a terrific film! and the soundtrack is soo lovely!

Femina Ridens (1969) D: Piero Schivazappa . Writing Credits: Paolo Levi, Piero Schivazappa

Cast: Philippe Leroy, Dagmar Lassander, Lorenza Guerrieri, Varo Soleri


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