Flesh for Frankenstein (aka Andy Warhol´s Frankenstein)

D: Paul Morissey

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What can be said about this excellent film? it is decadent, it sometimes funny, and it is strange like the characters here especially udo kier (as an incestuous, with his sister married , necrophile )who like in "Andy Warhol´s Dracula" makes a top performance here as the lil bit crazy baron frankenstein who wants to create two person made from several body parts to bear him a new race .In search for the perfect male he finds a serb (Srdjan Zelenovic), a wannabe monk(Udo wants to create the perfect serb) who is the right person for his needs. He and his Pal (played by joe dallesandro who has also here a quite similar role in "andy warhols" dracula"), come from a brothel when Udo and his servant attack them and udo simply cuts the head off from the guy as if he had trained it! then finally he manages it to bring the two "Creatures" back to life. The female played by the hot Dalila di lazzaro ("Pyjama Girl Case") (also the little red haired girl from aldo lado´s "Who saw her die" stars here) but the male creature doesnt want to work like udo intended, kills his sister /wife and in the end brings him the dead.. There have been much rumours about direction, Morrisey or in reality Antonio Margheriti. Truth is that Paul Morrisey was the director, while Margheriti was kind of "assistant". Like i mentioned before this is an excellent film like "Andy Warhol´s Dracula" and both are equally good in my opinion.


Carne per Frankenstein (1974) D: Paul Morrissey Writing Credit: Tonino Guerra, Paul Morrissey

Cast: Joe Dallesandro, Monique Van Vooren, Udo Kier, Arno Juerging, Dalila Di Lazzaro, Srdjan Zelenovic