Frauen für Zellenblock 9 (aka Tropical Inferno)

D: Jess Franco

Again Franco and Producer Erwin C. Dietrich feed the hungry raincoat crowd with this film and is it satisfying? yes, it is! It seems under the "guidance" of Dietrich Franco can make some decent sexploitation, not so shaby like "Devil Hunter" or just bad like "Faceless". No, this is what i understand as decent sexploitation. Anyway, Karine Gambier (also in Erwins/francos "Satanic Sisters") terrific also here with her impressive milk holders. A woman that also had the pleasure to be in a film with Brigite Lahaie and played also in films called "Josefine Mutzenbacher.." ..The film starts With Gambier and bunch of other women driving in a van, stopped by some soldiers, they are then taken to a prison cell (no.9) , under the comands of Howard Vernom and a sadistic woman. Doesnt last so long till they want some infos from the prisoners but they want to tell them anything. What to do? to say just"Please, Please!" or to torture them, well, this is the realm of Franco and Dietrich so of course just the second (and more realistic) option is the choice. The tortures are quite nasty, from rather standard electro shocks to more "exotic" things like using a big rhinozeros horn between Gambiers legs... and if this doesnt help, a hungry rat does it for sure.. After all this torments, Karin Gambier and the other women somehow manage to seduce one of the soldiers just to take the key of course and escape through a lake. (with footage from crocodiles from another source, that obviously wasnt filmed for the film) and think they are safe. But quite surprisingly the soldiers track them, and kill them! this is the end! A quite surprising and actually not very positive end.  This is a fun and entertaining film and hope they play this on the disney channel..


Frauen für Zellenblock 9 (1977)

D: Jess Franco . Writing Credit: ?

Cast:Karine Gambier, Aida Gouveia, Susan Hemingway, Esther Studer, Howard Vernon