Ghosts of Sodom

D: Lucio Fulci

Hard to believe that this film is from Fulci. Not even with the best will you cant say its good. The film starts with a nazisoldier orgy (not gay)while one of them films it. This scene did lucio als use for his recycle masterpiece "Nightmare Concert. Then in the present some people come to this house where the nazis were and soon come in contact with the nazi spirits .. Basically this is just a simple "haunted house" story, if somebody expects gore will be dissapointed, thers´s no gore at all. Just one scene where a corpse with wounds where a liquid comes out, who was also used in nightmare concert, except this scene theres not much what has to do with horror nor gore. The main problem is the budget, it is almost non existent and the tv style of it, that reminds a bit of fulcis "Voices from Beyond" is not a plus point for the film. The actors, especially the male are a joke and have the skills of third class soap opera actors and the dialogues here.. Its surely not fulci´s fault why the film is not good ,he did that as a simple job to get some money (altough i dont believe that was much), its the fault of the producer who spent his pocket money here instead of some alcoholic drinks. The only good thing here is Luciana Ottaviani (aka "Jessica Moore") who thankfully stars here (known from D´Amato softcore films like "Top Model" , a silly but due her presence still not bad film), if she didnt star in the film i had probably kicked the tape out the window and hoped to hit somebody on the head to do something for birth controll. She´s the definite (and only reason) why you should watch this film, and yes also here she undresses herself!


Il Fantasma di Sodoma(1988) D: Lucio Fulci . Writing Credit: Carlo Alberto Alfieri, Lucio Fulci

Cast: Jessica Moore, Claudio Aliotti, Al CLiver, Robert Egon, Sebastian Harrison