The New Gladiators

D: Lucio Fulci

The New Gladiators made in 1983 was probably an attempt from Fulci after his horror successes not to be typecasted as the "gore director". In my opinion, better he hadnīt done the film, a horror film with low budget is not so difficult to make than an action film who plays in the future (year 2072). Obviously the futuristic city, is just a simple model toy city, and the rest doesnt look impressive either starting from the ridiculous harcut of the Leadactress to the laughable machines the the gladiators drive. Interesting are the actors who appear here, al cliver and fred williams. The action scenes with the gladiators are the low point of the film and look quite stupid and there is absolutely no audience when they fight, you have the impression they make this in the Private.  Well, this was probably a question of budget. Gore shouldnt be this time expected, "Rollerball" who seems to be an influence is more violent. The new Gladiators is not a good film nor a good example of fulcis work, and is miles away from the times when Fulci did Films like "Beatrice Cenci" or "Dont torture a Duckling".