The Other Hell

D: Bruno Mattei

This is actually a surprising ok film what bruno offers here, i expected it much trashier but it isnīt that much (at the end the man from "Nights of terror" has here a small role as a priest!). technically quite decent made and some scenes are quite creepy like the beginning where a nun goes through the catacombs fulls with  collections of skulls, great! another cool scene where a bat hangs on the jesus of a cross.. the music is from goblin! is quite good and fits to the film. the story is about some some mysterious nun murders who happen in a convent, a priest wants to find out more and plays the "detective",finally he finds out that a psycho nun is responsible for the kilings and has born satans child, in a flashback is told that another nun (an old one who knows everytthing better) is against the baby and drowns the baby simply in cooking water, but the baby is not dead, then in the present the film shows at the end the grown up baby as a woman with a burnt face, for whatever reason her mother goes totally nuts and stabs here with a knife few times but her daughter canīt die , at the end the zombified nuns who were killed by the nun get alive and kill her. the plot was a bit confusing so i didnt understand here not everything. but anyway this film is not so bad and is an entertaining mix between giallo,horror and nunsploitation


L Altro Inferno (1980) D: Bruno Mattei . Writing Credits: Claudio Fragasso, Bruno Mattei

Cast: Franca Stoppi, Carla De Mejo, Francesca Carmeno, Susan Forget, Franco Giraldi