Hellblock 13

D: Paul Talbot

Paul Talbot seems to be fan of anthologies or "Tales from the crypt" or both. After his "Campfire Tales" another Anthology with short stories and again Gunnar Hansen in the wraparound story, this time Debbie Rochon joins him as Tara, a psycho in jail who claims to be Charles Mansons Daughter. The film starts with Gunnar, walking through the jail and givng comments about the inmates : scum, shit (Great!) then he comes to debbie rochons cell where she reads him some stories from a book, the stories itself are nothing extraordinary, not bad but nothing special. gore is also rare in this flick, what really good is is here the wraparound storey that is surely better than the stories. Debbie Rochon makes a good "psycho" performance, and gunnar , you dont see him in every second film so this is surely interesting. All in one, this is aquite ok film, People who like "Tales from The Crypt" could like it, alltough the gore is obviously missing here.


Hellblock 13 (1999) D: Paul Talbot . Writing Credits: Jeffrey Miller, Michael R. Smith

Cast: Gunnar Hansen, Debbie Rochon, Kirk Bair, Brittany Anne