Interview with Giordano Bruno (EVOL)

Questions by Mario Rakocevic

MR: What was the reason for the EVOL split, and what can you tell me about the new band DE MONARCHIA? Is there a huge difference between both bands?

GB: Well, EVOL is taking a period of rest, and I do not know if it will show out again. The main reason is that time passes by, and sometimes we need some changings. But I am and will ever be proud of what me and the other comrades have created so far. The works of EVOL represent a fundamental part of my existence, and a necessary step I had to walk. The creations of EVOL will never die in my heart, and that is the most important thing. DE MONARCHIA is my personal project. I have no aims, no scheduled programs. Just free creation, without any ties. The music I have is similar to the electronic parts in EVOL, but I cannot say I will ever release something. I am working mainly for myself and obviously for the Spirit.

MR: EVOL had always very atmospheric, "soundtrack like" music… Especially the first cd where obviously the music dominates… Am I right ,when I say soundtracks were/are an influence in your music?

GB: I think you are referring to the movies soundtracks. Well, actually I love cinema, because it is able to convey me such emotions. And music is very important in movies. In EVOL, well, some tracks could be easily considered some sort of soundtracks of my soul, because the music I create comes directly from my inner core. And the music I create is the reflection of what I feel… My feelings are always directed to the Spirit.

MR: On ANCIENT ABBEY appears also, a cover version of Claudio Simonettiīs "Phenomena"… What did he think about the new version ? And what do you think of other composers like Ennio Moriconne?

MR: From what I know, Simonetti appreciated our cover version of Phenomena. Concerning Morricone, I like very much some of his compositions, and I like the movies too, above all by Sergio Leone.

MR: Of course Simonetti/Goblin are known for the music of several Argento films… The female voice from Evol had the name Suspiria, I guess you like the films from Argento, am I correct ?

GB: We like very much his movies. He is a great director. He is very sensible, and he is touched by the Spirit, because of his visions. He reminds me a little H.P. Lovecraft. Both very inspired by the dreams they had.

MR: Dreamquest, for example is obviously much inspired by H.P Lovecraft… What do you think of the Necronomicon ? And are you inspired by other things when writing the lyrics?

GB: I adore Lovecraft’s writings. He was a genius, and a true Noble Soul. He was a unique capacity of travelling with his imagination, and he reached far places. But besides this, he had the great gift of writing, and was able to convey us what he felt. Necronomicon is on this vein, it is a trip in a forgotten region, some sort of Realm-That-Should-Be. We are always inspired when we write. I am trying to purify my inspiration sources, but it is impossible to write something completely pure from influences. I am inspired by what I study, read, listen and see. And then, I am influenced by what I live.

MR: How do you imagine the "World-that is not" ?

GB: The World-That-Is-Not is an ideal place, where the Spirit is recognized by everyone, and everyone acts according to his personal nature. It is a Realm where people, and beings in general, truly live, by risking life. It is sadly an island we see in the distance, but never reached.

MR: Were would you like to live, in the present or in the medieval times and why?

GB: There are a lot of past ages I admire. Anyway, I think that going back from 19th Century, any age is better than the decadent period we are in. We are suffering from too many plagues nowadays, and nobody is able to admit this. We are trapped, and there is no easy way out. We must pass through the mud, and perhaps, after nameless sufferings, we will see the light again.

MR: Imagine you are allowed to shoot a video for "Celephais" (barocco veneziano)

How would it look like?

GB: Very melancholic… Sunset and dawn, in Venice… A truly decadent town, a once Queen of Waters, now decayed to tourist attraction. The ruins of the Pearl, surrounded by the lagoon, lonely landscapes and cold misty weather.

MR: A longer while ago, I read somewhere something about Evolīs "Frammenti," book of novels… Can you tell me something about that ?

GB: You should know that Portraits’ lyrics are all based and inspired by tales I wrote during the past seven years. Well, the basic idea was to publish them in a book to be sold in a special edition of the album. We had some problems with translations into French and English and Adipocere was not able to arrange the thing. It is a pity, because it was a very special occasion we wasted.

MR:  Black Metal was always meant to be, "underground", not commercial music , anyway

So, What do you think of such mainstream black metal bands like Cradle of

Filth, Dimmu Borgir ? Isnīt this a sell-out?

GB: I have always believed Black Metal was a form of Art, a mean to allow the Spirit to appear in our humble lives. But Black Metal is not the only one. There are a lot of ways the Spirit shows to us. We should never worship a musical genre, but the presence who lies behind. Anyway, if I have to express my opinion, I think that the true and real black metal was that of the beginning. When producers, the big ones, saw it was a good business, well, everything has been corrupted. There is no bad thing in gaining money from the music you create, the bad thing is when you create in order to gain money. There are a lot of bands nowadays who work for money and success. You see them in concerts, they act like stars. I thing it is right to create some sort of distance between you and the fans, but they act this way only to become more famous and gain more money. There is no Art and Heart in this.


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