Liz and Helen

D: Riccardo Freda

Klaus Kinski stars here in this rather non germanic edgar wallace film as a man who loses his wife (played by Margaret Lee) in a car accident. Soon after her death he finds a strange film where he sees a woman that looks like his wife, with scars and not exactly to see. Kinski thinks his wife is still alive and has just simulated her death to fool everybody. The most time in the film Kinski walks around and investigates, asks people about the film, if they know they know more about it, and who made it ( in specific circles somebody would pay a lot of money for it) that is nearly the whole film. I have expected more from the film, it´s not bad, but i wouldnt say that it is something great, it is rather a quite harmless thriller. Nora Orlandi delivers here an excellent soundtrack, the end of course a surprise when Kinski meets finally his wife with a burnt face, that just a mask is. The car crash in the beginning was ultra cheap made, with a simple toy car, anyway surely there was not much of a budget here, and probably kinski got a nice piece of it!  Lee appears quite short before she dies, and thats not so good.(MORE!) Klaus himself makes here a rather boring  impression as the "detective". if you dont expect something extraordinary this is then a decent film. the title "Liz and Helen" refers to the lesbian relationship between Margaret Lee (Helen) and Anabella Incontrera(Liz). Kinskis wife a lesbian, how cool for him!


Cast and Credits:

A doppia Faccia (1969) D: Ricardo Fredda , Writing Credits: Riccardo Freda, Paul Hengge

Cast: Klaus Kinski, Christiane Krüger, Günther Stoll, Anabella Incontrera, Barbara Nelli, Margaret Lee