Necro Files

D: Matt Jaissle

Necro Files starts with a masked psycho (with a germanic symbol on it that surely offends) who spies while a woman s showers. after shes finished he kills her(and rapes her in the same time), takes her guts out and eats it just to vomit it a moment later. some cops come and kill the bastard. but hes not long dead. some pseudo satanists come to a cemetery and sacrifice a baby ( a baby doll, not real) during this ceremony when somebody of them is pissing on the ground, the zombieifed psycho comes from the grave first kills some of the pseudo satanists and then is searching for some women for raping! Not enough of this mess. the baby is also a kind of zombie and flies around to kill the other satanists who survived- this is is surely a quite sick film, and easily pissed of people will turn off after the first ten minutes, but for people with a sick taste this is a quite entertaining "party" film. i surely liked it, and the film is quite daring, while some posers from Troma want to "shock" but just are stupid, this film delivers what is promised: sick entertainment for sick people! and i surely dont mean Troma!

The Necro Files (1998) D: Matt Jaissle . Writing Credits: Todd Tjersland

Cast: Isaac Cooper, Steve Sheppard, Gary Browning