Night of the Hunted

D: Jean Rollin

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This is an excellent film from Rollin and to me one of his best films. it stars french legend brigite lahaie who stared also in rollins films where acting was not so important.. and more another subject. Anyway brigitte has here the leadrole as a woman who along with another woman wants to escape from a mental hospital, on the run she finds help from a man who picks her up and brings her home, (and sleeps with her!) she tells him that she doesnt remember anything, and that she loses everytime her memory and remembers just the present more or less. Soon two doctors from the hospital come and take her again to the hospital. brigitte and the other woman dont like this and finally try to escape with the help of the man. i cant tell here much more, but i simply like this film very much, a masterpiece and what a end, the tragic end reminds abit of rollins "Les Demoniaques" another masterpiece from him. "Night of the Hunted"a terrifc film and i cant praise it enough.


La Nuit des traquees (1980) D: Jean Rollin

Cast: Brigitte Lahaie, Vincent Gardere, Dominique Journet, Bernard Papineau, Rachel Mhas