Nights of Terror (aka Burial Ground)

D: Andrea Bianchi

I cant praise this film enough, again Bianchi shows what good films are all about. The film starts with a man with a strange beard searching for something in a crypt, then  quite unexpected a zombie appears, the grandpa offfers him his "friendship" but the zombie has no interest in the grandpa and kills him. so other zombies come up (or betterwake up) and doesnt last long till they meet a bunch of people who want to spent their weekend at a mansion. there´s a mother (played by Mariangela Giordano) who has a strange son, he looks like an adult but has the body of a child. (anyway, this guy is quite cool).other people are not so interesting to write more about them. so like mentioned the zombies start to attack and kill some people, the film wants to be gory and has some blood and guts but there arent very explitic killings shown actually, due the quite cheap scene has not much sense when a zombie grabs a woman through a window, and pushes her face to a broken glass, this scene was made with a  puppet and has i think not the intentioned gore effect, the head gets pushed to the glass, but the broken glass is not strong enough against the pressure and doesnt get tinto the "flesh".  the zombie make up is quite cool, some of them look like the zombies from "zombi holocaust", and the clothes have an extraordinary fashion style, as if they used potatoe bags for it, this stuff and the intentioned gore fx make the film extremely entertaining,not to mention this guy who plays the son of mariangela giordano, he steals everybody the show (even giordano!). at the end he´s also a zombie and comes to his mother, while she´s quite happy to see him again and think he´s still alive. the guy start sucking her breast, just to rip her nipple out a moment after, this is one of the ultimate highlights in the film. but alone the zombies here are great. another scene is also quite inventfull when a woman at a balkon gets hit by a zombie, he hits her hand with a knife, so that she cant run away, the zombies come with a scythe and start easily to remove her head with it, so they start to lunch the head while a man discovers the headless corpse and for some reason, probably to feed the zombies throws the rest of the corpse also to the zombies. Surprisingly Giordano appears here nude just in one short scene.


Cast and Credit:

Le Notti del terrore (1980) Director: Andrea Bianchi

Cast: Karin Well, Gianluigi Chirizzi, Mariangela Giordano,Simone Mattioli, Peter Bark, Antonella Antinori