Perversion(aka Estupro)

D: Jose Mojica Marins

Jose Mojica Marins alias Coffin Joe dissapoints a bit with "Perversion" (aka "Estupro" = Rape) an exploitation theme that would not fit more to another filmmaker than Mojica, but while the coffin joe films are of high exploitation value and of high entertainment value is this film a bit lame compared with his other efforts. it is to normal and not so insane like usually expected still it has some typical mojica elements in it. Coffin joe is obviously missing, but Mojica however has here the leadrole as a rich playboy bastard who loves to treat women like shit, and he can afford it, cause hes got enough money for the jury when he goes to the extreme.. he bites the nipple off of a young woman and after the non judgement he salutes this with his friends and as the final end he shows proud as a trophy the nipple of the woman!  It doesnt last long till somebody introduces him to a woman he obviously he starts to love and admire .After much here and there and bla bla there are finally officially a couple but mojica doesnt know that his new girlfriend is related to the girl he abused ... OUCH! is what you can say at the end, when she cuts his "manhood" off!. well a typicall mojica! exploitation pure!, not good as the coffin joe films, but as a simple sexploiter it certainly delivers.

Estupro (1978) D: Jose Mojica Marins . Writing Credits:Crounel Martins, Jose Mojica Marins

Cast:José Mojica Marins, Arlete Moreira, Ricardo Petráglia, Nadia Destro, Elza Leonetti