Vampyrial philosophy: (from the heart and balls)

Vampyria is a cross (not in the catholic sense but of a pure atheistic nature) between horror, trash and the avantgarde. This might perhaps be a bit unusual for some people, but this site intended never anything else nor wanted it to go "straight" ways..In Vampyriaīs "dictionary" words like : "Blasphemy", "Chauvinism", donīt exist (like religion for an atheist) these words/subjects are definated by mass people, where vampyria and the dark film its represents donīt belong to, nor want to be connected with it.+++The Vampire itself is a figure representing this ideology, he represents a figure not bound to limitations and is a person(or call it what you want) of pure self expression.

versione 2.0. : Vampyria is 110%against the hollywood system and bible quotes (including jehovaīs witnesses). why somebody might ask?.. Look, hollywood is just a money machine with stupid people with not love for the movie but love for the money. of course horror films were also made for profit, but IF there was profit these people surely didnīt earn a fortune like hollywood stars. the same is with independent filmmakers, some get their money perhaps back but they dont get rich, so these stupid and foul people from hollywood dont get my support nor the support for the church (Notre Dame church for example is indeed impressive but this is just to fascinate you and get you on their side) who wants another "arty" decoration (of course this "decoration" costs money, perhaps much money..) for mass propaganda but when i speak of propaganda: