Rage of the Werewolf

D: Kevin Lindenmuth

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Debbie Rochon and Sasha Graham in "Rage of the Werewolf"e


Debbie Rochon and Sasha Graham (see "Actresses" section) for the first time together in a werewolf film from Kevin Lindenmuth! What an ideja! Unfortunately both have rather small roles, so the mainroles have here Santo Marota and another guy here as the typical "buddy" duo, one goofy, the other is the serious one. it had been much better if Debbie Rochon and Sasha Graham had the roles instead of them, the film had been than a fave of mine and in the same time an oscar nomination! Still thereīs entertaining stuff here, starting from the incredible ridiculous halloween wanna-be werewolf costumes to the ultra evil performance from joe zaso as the scumbag brother of santo marotta. the film cant be taken serious at all and has nothing from the "Addicted to Murder" mood, itīs a fun, "party" film (if  you can say so) in the vein of Lindenmuths first film "Vampires and other Stereotypes". Sasha Graham plays here a werewolf, and Debbie Rochon plays here a vampire who kills her at the end due the "helping hand" of the evil Lazlo (Joe Zaso). The final fight between Zaso and Marotta as the werewolf is a bomb and is the right stuff if you are into comedy mood. if you want something like "addicted to murrder 1" you will be dissapointed, if you want a fun, party film, this is then an option! and the cast here is incredible also Mick McCLeery from the "Addicted to Murder" flicks and "Alien Agenda" has here a small role as a werewolf hunter!

Rage of the Werewolf (2000) D: Kevin Lindenmuth

Cast: Joe Zaso, Santo Marotta, Debbie Rochon, Sasha Graham, Mick McCleery