Razor Blade Smile

D: Jake West

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Razor Blade Smile is to me a totally overhyped film and i dont understand some people who say they like it a lot bla bla. Beside the well made starting credits theres not much what is here worth to see. Eileen Daly, the icon from Redemption and model for some of their sleeves (House of Whipcord for example) stars here as a vampire assasin who likes to wear tight leather and to fight against a evil vampire. wow! how inventfull! to me this is a quite boring film that had potential for more. the film is sometimes stylish, (scenes in black and white and the blood is just in red) but that doesnt make the film much better. the film has also some lesbian scenes with eileen and another woman that is to me more proof that jake west had no idejas than these typical "vampire lesbian" stuff. The story itself is nothing worth to speak off. Eileen Daly (Pervirella, Sacred Flesh) does her best here in the leadrole but she canīt safe this wannabe film from the pure dissapointment. Only the end where Eileen uses a sword to fight against the villains is not so bad but thats it, and funny? isnt at all. is that british humour? if so, it sucks. Watch "Addicted to Murder" this is a real good independent vampire film.

Razor Blade Smile (1998) D: Jake West . Writing Credits: Jake West

Cast: Eileen Daly, Grahame Wood, CHristopher Adamson, Isabel Brook, Mark Caven