Sacred Flesh

D: Nigel Wingrove

Like Razor Blade Smile this is shot on video flick a totally overhyped, in this case wanna-be the second "The Devils" film. Wingrove forgott that he hadnīt the budget to shoot another "The Devils" but still he wanted something with a "message", and there are enough "messages" where a stupid nun babbles here the whole time something about sin and so on.. (Totally uninteresting and ridiculous!) Surely a reason for the fast forward button. Wingrove wanted to make here an "arty" film and dissapoints totally, the only good thing here are the scenes with the sleazy nuns, but this is not much while on the back sleeve, watching the stills you have the impression the film is overloaded with the sleazy scenes, but it isnt at all. But this is surely a method to sell this product called "Sacred Flesh". Not totally to drown this film in shit : the sleazy scenes with the nuns are quite stylish made. -end-.Eileen Daly has here a small role as a kind of witch and also the vampire villain from "razor blade smile" stars here as a sleazy priest.

Sacred Flesh (2000) D: Nigel Wingrove. Writing Credits: Nigel Wingrove

Cast: Sally Tremaine, Moyna Cope, Simon Hill, Kristina Bill