Sadisterotica (aka Red Lips)

D: Jess Franco

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A Film with the name "Sadisterotica" with Franco as the director, would make you think this is the usual sleazy franco stuff, but quite wrong! This is a comedy! Why the title "Sadisterotica" is beyond this film arenīt sadistic nor erotic elements. This title is just to fool the audience. The film is also known as "Red lips" or "Two undercover Agents", titles that fit much more to this film. In Germany it is also known as " Der Wolf- Horror Pervers" (!!) that wants to fool you this is a werewolf horror film. Although in this film appears (short)a quite hairy werewolf like creature it has nothing to do with horror, its a detective comedy! Anyway this film is surely not what you would expect from franco,  far away from sleaze (not to mention pornography) or murders. The problem of the film is: it is absolutely not funny! The whole time they talk some uninteresting stuff and thats what it is all about. "Red lips" are two female detectives (one of them wears in a few scenes a zorro like costume, just without hat)who are trying to find missing models. I cant tell much more about it, cause i really wasnt interested listening to these dialogues. it is simply boring. Franco has also here a short cameo. Its kinda pity, the original posterartwork looks terrific but the film is the opposite, but as you say "dont judge a book by its cover" you can say this also about movies. One word about the redemption version : what i dont understand the film has an "18" cert. (!!!) why the hell 18??? an "12"certificate would be even to high for this film. This is the only LAUGHable thing about this film, though it has nothing to do with the film itself.


Cast and Credit:

El Caso de las dos bellezas (1967) (Sadisterotica aka Red Lips aka Two Undercover Angels)

D: Jess Franco . Writing Credits: Jess Franco, Luis Revenga. Karl Heinz Mannchen

Cast: Janine Reynaud, Rosanna Yanni, Adrian Hoven, Chris Howland