Satanic Sisters

D: Jess Franco

Is this a sleazy film or what?? The film starts in a bar where a woman picks a man up (with obvious intend), together they drive home to her.. what the man doesn´t know is that she keeps her twentyone year old sister who is a nymphomaniac captured in chains as a "love slave" where she didnt get out since six months. She "introduces" her to the man and he doesn´t wait long to satisfy her lust.. similar it happens with other people. A lot of bare skin and screwing is king and queen in this quite sleazy film where the nude value is high and brainvalue is low. but seriously the film is not bad, and not just for the raincoatcrowd. this time even decent  direction from franco (the film produced by erwin c. dietrich). back to the story: one of the women who works there and has one of the rare moments to go out with the "sick" sister. (the doctor says so who makes often home visits to her), doesn´t want to play this cruel game anymore, but the sister stays tough and lets her without job. The man who appeared in the beginning of the film feels kinda love for her and want to rescue her from her sister, cause she´s the one who´s really sick, at the end they simply drive away with the car and the -end-. Not a masterpiece but one of the better films i´ve seen from franco especially on the director level. sleazy it is surely so it should be checked out.


Satanic Sisters (year?) D: Jess Franco

Cast: Pamela Stanford, Karine Gambier