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IL SEGNO DEL COMANDO: a Tv movie masterpiece made in 1971 based on GiuseppeD`Agatas Novel  directed by Daniele DŽAnza and performed by Ugo Pagliai and Carla Gravina. Prof. Forster university teacher meets Lucia in rome, a fascinating and mysterious womwn who takes himinto an ancient and occult town. an history half way between real and esoteric which takes him desperatelyto search for Il Segno del Comando , a secret power mades, by a goldsmith who lived in 1700, Ilario Brandani.A Musician; Baldassare Vitali kills Brandani and steals Il Segno del COmando, the goldsmith hurls his curse, a man shall reincarnate him every century to take again Il segno del comando, hiddem ny Vitali, that man seems to be just Forster..

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