Syndikate Sadists (aka Ramboīs Revenge)

D: Umberto Lenzi

Tomas Milian plays in this wannabe actionfilm a supertough, supercool biker called Rambo(!) who like the title says takes revenge on some gangsters who have killed his friend, and besides rescues a kidnapped son from their filthy claws. Rambo is a kind of good "outlaw" he has his own law (uses for examples bullets who arrent allowed)and doesnt co operate with the police and takes things with criminals in his own hands. There is actually not much more to tell here. the film is damn boring (Lenzi manages this also here and it seems he has indeed no feeling for suspense nor comedy) cause yes, this film wants to be also funny(with intend?). there is for example a ridiculous scene in billard room when some guys attack rambo he kicks somebody to the toilet room and with the head of the other guy he plays billiard (!) Rambo has always some "wise" and cool words to give away, he should know that they arenīt funny but just very stupid and you can here just laugh about the filmmakers who want to sell this "product" here as a film and this under the category "action thriller". The violence itself is almost non existent, there are a few harmless shootings and some beatings, actually a james bond film is more violent than this film. If somebody has to watch such stuff then i would recommend some terence hill/bud spence movies who can sometimes even be entertaining, but i would recommend to avoid this totall crap called "Ramboīs Revenge"

Il Giustiziere sfida la citta (1975) D: Umberto Lenzi . Writing Credits: Vincenzo Mannino

Cast: Tomas Milian, Joseph Cotten, Maria Fiore, Ron Stewart, Guido Alberti, Ida Galli