Tender and Perverse Emanuelle

D: Jess Franco

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This is a ridicoulous bad film what franco wants to sell here under category "thriller". the title let you expect a rather sleazy film and when you hear that lina romay stars here, you think it can´t be that bad, but it is ! Lina,who wears here the whole time sunglasses (she´s the only good thing here) has nearly a mini role here and there´s not much time to show titts and ass, (what doesnt make the film surely more interesting). the story is about a woman called emanuelle (nothing to do with the gemser emanuelle and kristel.) who has an affair with a man, .but the other man doesnt like this much and simulates her death, he finds a woman who looks like her, first sleeps with her and after that kills her and throws her from a quite high spot to make sure her face is squashed and so to fool everybody (what a plan!).Everybody thinks first it was suicide cause she was sad at this time, but the police investigates and suspectes the man has killed her, this was of course just a plan for her man to have her all for himself. to keep her in a room where she has no contact with the outworld. finally , romay somehow manages to come to this conclusion and find her, coincidently she shoots on the man (the who simulated her death) and the film ends. wow, what a shit! If at least romay had been shown here in action but no way..


Tendre et perverse Emanuelle (1973) D: Jess Franco . Writing Credits: Jess Franco

Cast: Norma Castell, Jack Taylor, Lina Romay, Alice Arno, Pierre Taylou