Terror Express

D: Ferdinando Baldi

Luigi Montefiori wrote the story and screenplay for this  sleazy sexploitation film. it reminds a bit of "Last house on the Left" alltough it isnt that intense in the violence, but its surely sleazier. The story is simple, some scumbags like to make some "terror" in a train, and play around with the woman, one of them is played by the lovely Silvia Dionisio known from her role in "Andy Warhols Dracula", she plays here a train hooker..and of course she has some passengers as customers.  Another passenger in the train plays Zora Kerowa known from her great role in "Cannibal Ferox" where she gets her breasts hooked up, "Antropophagus", and "New York Ripper" where she gets a broken bottle in her.. (great roles!). She has here a rather small role but has the oppurtinity to show some skin...and has a "getting it on" session with two of the terrorists. (By the way her husband in the film is played by the man who killes john morghen in "Gates of Hell" and another guy who stars here is known from the terrific "Nights of Terror") the terrorist itself are actually not that vicious, they seem even a bit friendly , none of them has  the fierce quality of  a david hess , rather unusual that the women seem to like one of the scumbags, in the lunch room it is quite obvious that the sixteen year old girl (her father a customer!) and zora seem to like the "leader", though they act like pigs, but such people appeal to woman, Overall this is a quite entertaining film and its surely worth to view for fans of exploitation films.


Cast and Credit:

La Ragazza del vagone letto (1980) Director: Ferdinando Baldi, Story and Screenplay: Luigi Montefiori

Cast: Silvia Dionisio, Werner Pochath, Zora Kerova, Carlo de Medejo, Gianluigi Chirizzi, Venantino Venantini