Touch of Death (aka When Alice broke the Mirror)

D: Lucio Fulci

This film from Fulci is compared with his other horror films rather unknown, it was made for the same producer who was also produced "Ghosts of Sodom". Brett Halsey who was also in lucio´s  giallo "The Devil´s Honey" plays here a psycho who wants to marry old women just to kill them brutally afterwards. Lucio used like in Bianchi´s "Massacre" and his own "Ghosts of sodom" a lot of scenes from this film. The Beginning of "Nightmare Concert" shows Brett Halsey preparing a steak for lunch, watching his wife on tv while he eats the meat , then we see the corpse of his wife and piece of meat from her is missing. This whole scene was taken from the film and much more. Best scene definintely when Halsey comes with the chainsaw and dismembers the corpse to feed the pigs. the film could be described as an ultra black comedy, and it works quite well. another scene who also find its way in "Nightmare concert" is the scene when halsey is in the bedroom with his new wife, a woman who sings the whole time as if is she´s  an opera singer. Halsey doesnt like this much and starts to strangle her till she can´t breathe. Not to forgett the terrific scene when he attacks another woman with a stick, he hits her in the face and she loses her eye (very well done the fx here), but she still lives, and runs to the kitchen (where does she want to escape?) and finally through Brett´s "help" she ends in a quite hot stove .(hm, that reminds of Antropophagous2!) Cult scene! great when the puppet starts to melt and it starts to be quite messy! quite black humour has the scene when halsey wants to put a corpse in his car, but the corpse doesn´t fit in, after a few tries he simply cuts the feets from the corpse off. Among the cast as one of the wifes is (s)exploitation icon zora kerowa. Touch of Death is not fulci´s masterpiece but it has some nice scenes and entertains quite well.


Cast and Credit:

Quando Alice ruppe lo specchio (1988) . Director: Lucio Fulci . Writing Credits: Lucio Fulci

Cast: Brett Halsey, Sacha Darwin,  Marco di Stefans,  Al Cliver, Ria De Simone, Zora Kerowa