Ultimo Mondo Cannibale

D: Ruggero Deodato

In Countries with (mostly) germanic population this film is also known as "Mondo Cannibale 2", a sequel to Lenzis "Man from Deep River/Mondo Cannibale". Also here star Ivan Rassimov and Me Me Lai who star also in Lenzi´s shitbag "Mangiati Vivi/Eaten Alive" (to me the worst of the cannibal genre). what can be said about the story here? well not much, Rassimov and his friend land somewhere in the jungle and are soon seperated, the other man (Massimo Foschi,who has here the leadrole)comes soon in touch with some cannibals who show him their "lifestyle"... the man is held like an animal (together with a bird!) in a kind of cave and if the cannibal children have nothing better to do they piss on him too. in the tradition of cannibal films a unpleasant scene comes when the cannibals slaughter a crokodile ( disgusting and unnecessery like the turtle scene from "Cannibal Holocaust") not to recommend to sensitive people (but hey is that a surprise?) finally the man escapes with a hot cannibal chick (Me Me Lai) and is searching his plain to get the hell out of there.In a scene Me Me Lai tries to escape, and in a moment of half madness he rapes her!  in another scene at the end he kills one of the cannibals who started to attack them, he opens the stomach of the cannibal, takes something out and starts to eat it! Me me lai finds a similar end, her own people show no mercy and start to lunch her guts after they have removed her head (the same scene appears also in "Mangiati Vivi", what foul people) a happy end comes for the two men when they find the plain and make a flight... Technically this film is nothing special, a cinematography doesnt exist here but actually ruggeros "Cannibal holocaust" is not much different than "ultimo mondo cannibale". Basically its the same in exploitation value but has better production and a more inventfull story. (Cannibal Holocaust ends with a philosophical question but is this film itself philosophical?) its no surprise really that the cannibal subgenre had never the potential for a big life spam, the films focused on animal cruelty and harsh exploitation in the "mondo" vein. A story was totally uninteresting in this cases, so of course there was not much new to show after a few films. Hardly the word originality couldnt describe the films. Stil "ultimo mondo cannibale" remains one of the best films of this subgenre and as part of exploitation cinema cant be simply ignored. I HAVE SPOKEN.


Ultimo Mondo Cannibale (1978)D: Ruggero Deodato.Writing Credits: Tito Carpi, Gianfranco Clerici

Cast: Massimo Foschi, Me Me Lai, Ivan Rassimov