Venus in Furs

D: Massimo Dallamano

Based on the novel from Lepold Sacher Masoch the film starts with a boy watching a nude woman, noticing that he´s spying she give´s him a hit, since then( as an adult) he connects pain with pleasure( quote from the man:"so much happiness almost makes me unhappy")Laura Antonelli stars as his woman of desire (actually everybodys). He meets her says immediately what he wants from her..and soon they are a loving couple, the man doesnt hide that he´s a sado masochist, and antonelli seems nothing to have against it, she even seems to  likes it, cause the other men are soo(o) boring, and start to be uninteresting after just a few weeks.So they marry and move to a house, and start to play a  game where the man plays a chauffeur, while antonelli is his boss, gives him commands as if he is an ordinary employer, (by the way the two women who work in their house are a lesbian couple). She drives with her chauffeur around and has some "getting it on" sessions with other men while her husband watches them, at the end he finds out that his wife works as a hooker (with lines of the man like "Only the greeks understood the social function of the prostitute") and a happy end comes..where antonelli whips him and the man looks VERY statisfied. the film has quite nice music and good camera work, especialy to see in the scenes from the view of the man ( a cool scene where one of the men antonelli has picked up, turns  to a sadist and has antonelli and her two servants captured while her husband watches them through a kind of cave mask). Dallamano´s well known giallos "What happened to solange" and "What have they done to your daughters" are technically surely decent made, but the storie´s are simply to boring to like the films, but this  is a quite nice film. the scene  when antonelli topless hits her husband is great!


Cast and Credit:

Le Malizie di Venere (1969) D: Massimo Dallamano,Writing Credits: Inge Hilger, Fabio Massimo

Cast: Laura Antonelli, Regis Vallee, Ewing Loren, Renate Kasche, Werner Pochath