La Verita Secondo Satana

D: Renato Polselli

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What a masterpiece offers Polselli with this film! A man (isarco ravaioli) wants to commit suicide due the coldheartness and egoism of his fiancee, played by Rita Calderoni (with short hair!) After he "plays" a few times russian roulette without the intentioned effect.., he calls Calderoni and tells her he wants to kill himself, she visits him without knowing what awaits her.. the man takes his knife and tortures her abit with his knife..then he stabs himself in the stomach..and dies..or not?. Rita wants to get rid of the corpse and hides the corpse in a chest. But she gets more problems when she notices a man from her window who has seen everything. the crazy man (as if he came from an italian comedy) is a wacky guy, who seems to take everything cool and not serious is invited by her and starts to play the sadist..he throws some meatpieces on ritaīs calderoni just to feed the dog, and after that when Calderonis "slave", a black woman visits them, commands her to whip calderoni. after this, calderoni wants to make it that the black woman was the murder, but the woman(her personal "plaything" by the way..) has no interesst to help her.. Rita starts to get crazy and thinks the corpse has dissapeared and has just drugged her to fool her..another time she sees the corpes in the bathtub instead of the chest. While all this happens , meanwhile some hippies have gathered together in the living room and dance to some beat (GREAT music by the way!) one of them explains their life philosophy regarding the trouble with the corpse: "This is not our world, or world is love..."(!!) .Finally Rita and the man have the ideja to cook the corpse and then cut it in pieces. but they donīt really do it.. Suddenly (Surprise!) the "dead" man appears and quite alive! The man has just simulated his death, and has hired the other guy..both have planed this together. but intended things go onto another direction..suddenly the man is then on ritas sides and expalins he loves her and now wants to protect her. At the End he kills him(..and this time heīs really dead). Rita, actually not very thankfull for this deed, simply wants to call the police. the man then says: "Itīs to cold for me in this room..,i have to get out here" (Meaning the coldheartness of Rita) and joins then the hippies in the living room!!!

Polselli said that severall versions should have been made of "La Verita Secondo Satana", also with hardcore scenes (and that is not really a surprise if you see Polselliīs "OScenita"..). Watching the (unfortunately) uncomplete and heavily cut version of LA Verita Secondo SAtana in german language, shows some alternative scenes fragments.. for example in this version, the dance scenes with the hippies dont appear at all, instead of it: very short fragments of a mass orgy this seems heavily cut and is very possible hardcore in the original version , but these scenes donīt  appear at all in  the "uncut" version of the italian version.

I never heard that a real complete uncut version is available on this planet, and which one is actually the "directors cut" of it? If somebody perhaps knows more about the X-rated version or something else interesting regarding it, should contact me.


La Verita Secondo Satana (1972)

D: Renato Polselli

Cast: Rita Calderoni, Isarco Ravaioli, Marie Paul Bastin, Sergio Ammirata


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