Web of the Spider

D: Antonio Margheriti

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This film is known under a bunch of different titles, for example "Dracula in the Castle of Blood" or the nice title "And Comes the Dawn..but colored red". this is a germanic italian co production, the version i saw was in german and had the title "Drakula Im Schloß des Schreckens" (translated: Dracula in the castle of fear) in my opinion a total misleading title, cause here doesnt appear dracula nor any vampires! its a story about a haunted house where rumor says nobody who has spent a night there has survived, so this has to do with ghosts and nothing with vampires. the film stars klaus kinski in a small role as the famous edgar allen poe who starts babbling something about this house and nobody who enters survives it, he makes a bet for money with another man who wants to proof that this is just nonsense what kinski says, so he wents in the house and soon meets a woman who obviously attrackts him, still he doesnt know that she like the other person who appear in the house are ghosts, people who were killed in the house due several reason mainly due the love of the woman. The man who first doesn´t believe anything of this, meets another ghost who tells him the background story of everything and shows him what happened with them. At the end for an unknown reason the ghosts want to kill him , except the woman who he first met, she helps him to get out of the house but cant escape with him cause she´s dead. Its allready day when the man thinks that he ´s safe, he wants to go through the gate out, when it suddenly in this moments closes and stabs him in the throat. then kinski and his pal arrive at the gate thinking from the distance he has survived till they notice that he´s dead.. The film has a great gothic atmosphere, with old crosses, a quite spooky gothic house where the whole film plays and decent actors, the music is from riz ortolani. Margheriti delivers decent standard direction and all in one the film is quite good. For fans of gothic horror worth to check out.

Nella stretta morsa del ragno (1970) D: antonio Margheriti, Writing Credit: Giovanni Adesci, Bruno Corbucci

Cast: Anthony Franciosa, Michele Mercier, Klaus Kinski, Ralf Baldassarre, Marco Bonetti

Locandinas of the movie:

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