Zombie Creeping Flesh

D: Bruno Mattei

Bruno Mattei sits here on the director chair, so i expected after the nice "Zombie 3" another quite entertaining trash bomb. But this time the film is simply just bad, and thereīs not much stuff to entertain here. The film starts somewhere in Africa? in a Chemical Factory, where some of the chemicals come out and transform the people into flesh eating zombies, the first victim is one of the workers there, he makes the usual safety check when he notices that thereīs something going on here, he finds a rat who seems dead, but suddenly the rat attacks him, somehow goes in his safety clothes and kills him, while another guy stares the whole time at him, without doing anything.(due the shock he couldnt move). It doesnt last long till the whole people come in touch with the chemicals, and also the whole local people around. then we see some soldiers to investigate whats going on on these infected places, a woman a reporter and a friend of her join them. so this a kind of mix between jungle adventure and zombie flick, lot of times are inserts of  animals edited in, who dont fit at all to the film, the same even with the people, why filming scenes with animals and people, when allready somebody  filmed them??, anyway bruno and co. didnt have the money or simply didnt want to spent more money. Some scenes remind a bit of "Cannibal Holocaust" when the man films with his camera the people(corpses) there and zombies, the zombies look here quite stupid (thatīs the "matteian" trash factor) and have simply  dark green faces in the most cases, but they are a bit funny, one scene even a bit entertaining when one of the soldiers seems to be crazy comes very close to the zombies and provokes them, only to blast one zombie the head off after he says "they have nothing in their heads". Another scene Inventfull when they inspect a house, one soldier finds a dead grandma who has a wound in her stomach where a cat comes out. the fx are in the most cases very cheap and the film isnt very bloody, a scene at the end where the woman dies is surprising messy, there was not much of it before. Zombie Creeping Flesh is a rather disapointing film, the film has some good moments(moments of "pure" Mattei, like the scene when the man vomits around) but thats it. Bruno had proven that he can make better films with "zombie 3",(very underrated"masterpiece")


Cast and Credit:

Inferno dei Morti Viventi (1980) . Director: Bruno Mattei . Writer: Claudio Fragasso

Cast: Margrit Evelyn Newton, Franco Giraldi, Selan Karay, Robert OīNeil, Gaby Renom, Joseph Lluis Fonoll